Tuesday, January 17, 2012

page 68

Christ she is pulling one of my ribs out through my chest she is going to make another woman shit shits out words all night as the moonlight exposes her saggy breasts these same breasts that god once sucked she now offers to every tom dick and harry who will buy her a bottle so she can forget the lies she once believed in Maria is wearing her clever hat as she reads the tropic of cancer to the children she diddled them between her teeth and the night trying to get out but they would keep chasing you they chased you into oblivion banished from the real world the fabricated theater of reality sloshed on the amplified and the trivial Maria once seemed so relevant now not so much it is funny how time puts people in their proper place even if they go there kicking and screaming cursing a god she damn well knows doesn’t exist I have met a lot of religious people and most of them will admit to you that they do not believe in god they continue their charade because it is the only game in town and it pays well and the carnival rolls on every now and then they have to sacrifice a believer to the cause and then everything continues on as if nothing happened people turn their backs and pretend that they didn’t see the dirty tricks performed behind the screen there is void inside of me I asked Maria to fill it but she couldn’t she didn’t know how she said she couldn’t fill the hole that was inside of her I have been told that you are what you eat and what you wear and it is important to be seen with the people and to say the right things fuck all that is there nothing but bullshit in this life the ghost of betty boop doesn’t care about those who vote she is only interested in supporting the military industrial complex her hands are still sticky from handling the blood money a lifestyle that increases alienation don’t jump out of the window set the building on fire create a change in your world stop seeing things with limited eyes take the blinders off that your culture has placed over your head you don’t need a new car you don’t need a bigger house you don’t need new clothes learn to live with less learn to live your own life and not be blindly led by your nose trafficking in impotent charisma that is what betty boop had she had charisma and she tried it for the almighty dollar she became the latest commodity to be sold on the market the shame and fear in the eyes of the defeated she was forced to dance in front of the tourists she danced for food and money exposing her nakedness for the snapping photos of polo shirted buffoons they wanted something to put in the memory books something of a life that they could not fully know this is hard place that we live in there is no sense-making machine in this nonsensical world it is all a matter of temperament who has this monopoly on pain nothing can be done finding the easy out all I do is complain I thought I was helping you find your way but now I’m more and more convinced I was only kidding myself and you I tried to be respectful of your interests your needs that doesn’t mean that I can meet them you have to find the answer within yourself I can show you the door but you have to walk through it I can only show you the example a pattern a model for your life everything we do is spiritual because everything that we do is guided by our values what we do is influenced by what we think is right and wrong this is the foundation of living a spiritual life everything we do is spiritual this has nothing to do with churches and gods it has to

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