Wednesday, January 18, 2012

page 72

meticulous swing as we play and pretend I will share my world with you the curves and the straight lines the confusion and the meanings I do not love I only create if my creations love that who am I to stand in their way I would sit and wait for the words to come and then I would wait no longer tonya would ask me to pull her hair to call her a bitch to slap her across the face it was all a game to her and so serious to me I would love her and I would hate her and I would forget the meaning of my words my heart consumed by her cruel game as hugo sat back and applauded always willing to be a gentleman to help tie her down or make sure that the gag was snug sometimes I hated you because you loved him more than me and sometimes I hated you because you loved me more than him and sometimes I hated you because I loved you take from me the bread and the air and the laughter you take away the sunshine that once dwelled in my heart you take from me that which never changes you take from me my blood stained streets I have touched you tonya I have known you I have seen you murder the night I have seen you stab yourself with greed with lust and desire I have seen you hang from the gallows pole your hands upon my body bringing me life you possess me in a dark and glorious way I will always be able to see your face I will always love you as a certain darkness that has found a home within my heart when I see the innocent they remind me of you because you are so evil I will remember the nights when we violated god’s laws maybe this is all political and arbitrary maybe we can hear the giant coming down the hall he was a giant of a man who fought in the war the things we have sacrificed for the voyeur they pay hugo to watch us you and I are the stars some of them have remembered all of our lines I don’t have to say them anymore others can say them for me even the lines about the crack in the world the crack where all the love seeps out and gets wasted they even make the sadness believable like they have lived it when they haven’t I guess the sadness is what reminds us all that we are really human we all know the measure of sadness this is why we attempt to live beyond the eternal they came for me one by one with their forks and knives their hungry mouths snapping I became a vast arena filled with shouting people they were shouting at the man standing in the center of the ring he had on a top hat and he carried a whip girls on white horses circled the ring they circled and circled the ring it was like they were creating a vortex with their movements above their heads circles a horde of demons the ringmaster would snap his whip and strike a random demon the demon would shriek and rise higher up out of the reach of the whip Willie boy punchy and the little school girl are in the crowd watching the spectacle each time the ringmaster cracks his whip punchy jumps up and dances a little jig the first time punchy does this willie boy starts to laugh and almost chokes on his mouthful of peanuts Agent Smith is outside smoking a cigar with the circus owner they are talking about politics who will run for president now that Mr. Perry has killed himself he was such a wonderful guy he seemed so presidential who will we pick now you know it is so important for the economy we have to make sure we pick someone who understands how things operate that the free hand of the market means the illuminated control of the illuminated hand yes we

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