Friday, January 20, 2012

page 83

the top yes it is definitely the top I can see it can you do you see with the eyes of the soul I am inspired by my insights are you inspired can you be inspired what inspires you do you know is it possible for me to inspire you what is possible is everything possible we know what hugo and harpo think but we don’t know what you think about the subject the little school girl says both everything is possible and everything is not possible the transformation of positive and negative spaces I am looking at a painting by Remedios Varo we are exploring the Orinoco we are trying to find nanuk of the north only he can help us find the path he is fraught with meaning as the chickens gather to discuss politics cluck cluck says one chicken tonight I will be a stew cluck cluck says another tonight I will be roasted nanuk of the north fought for france during world war one his early magic shows an interest in cubism he later became more involved with surrealism he wanted his magic to be automatic to flow freely from his veins he said life is formed around the chaos of shapes Nunuk of the north escaped the Nazis on a ship to the island of Martinique form there he just disappeared the next clue was the cover of Acephale he was standing in the land of the Tarahumara he was wearing a chieftain’s headdress and he had war paint on his face he was using the facial expression of Antonin Artaud we always called him the man of many faces giving birth to nine children all of them to the habit of sleepwalking and a talent for avant-garde theater nunuk of the north has been pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable the army advancing into battle it was art of the sake of art the little school girl is promoting radical social reforms the mothers changed her ideals into the artist the scientist and the industrialist the little school girl was not interested in the industrialization of the world she was mapping the parameters triangulating the coordinates the mothers are eating all of the pretzels and they speak with their mouths full tonya and I went to the movie theater to see the film the seashell and the Clergyman half way through the movie someone shot Tristan I had to spend a month taking care of the bear while Tristan was in the hospital bears are nasty smelly animals I mean he was well-mannered and all but a bear is a bear he did chew on one of my painting by Balthus I was really pissed off and almost shot the bear over that the belief in Tim is a product of the middle ages the superstitions of the people continue today hugo is a product of the industrial revolution the little school girls is not buying the idea of one grand interpretation of society she prefers to think of reality of consisting of multiple realities and not just one she is beyond the revolution she is not storming the barricades the little school girls says that modernity has failed the modern world did not solve the problems associated with poverty people are still poor and in some respects more so than before there is an abundance but the abundance does not get distributed to everyone the little school girl says that the bright lights of progress are fading she is watching the lights go out one by one there is no one to replace them modern people look to the future for their lives to improve they have faith in the advancement of technology they believe a genius will arise to invent something that will save them the superstitions have been transferred from a god to a scientist the little school girl says that science no

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