Thursday, January 19, 2012

page 77

we have created has become our master we are enslaved by our own creations I am a creator I created you and we have both forgotten this now I am ruled by you my creation the shadows on the wall now call the shoots they create the rules new rules that we live by new rules that we die by the semen glows and the music is playing on in the background at low volume radioactive zelda is thinking about the color of mozzarella and she asks the waitress if she has any pick spaghetti tumultuous pubic hair and bobbing flaccid penises do you have all your paperwork in order the waitress rolled up the morning paper and hit zelda up side of her head when zelda asked wtf the waitress asked if there were any republicans in here I said I'm fine how are you after another smack zelda's mask was knocked loose and fell on the floor I don't care anymore about the androids they were dancing naked and listening to iron maiden harpo said no fucktards swimming naked in the pool this is not a simulation of reality this is life with all of the explosions it isn't the first time so excited harpo is checking tonya out drowning in cruddy images there is a restriction on the human experience it is just a fantasy plain and simple I must pretend that I am not dependent ignore the addiction feign immortality while being an ignorant bastard like all the rest we are only pretending and we should honest with others about our deceptions a hophead on a turkish florist the better the tech the harder I am hooked plug me tonya and make it seem so fucking real can ya baby can ya I recognize the paradox in the rosy forecast is it a paradox really I am watching your moving pictures forgetting the truth behind the image losing the context for the meaning thus the meaning becomes slippery meaning is a slippery nipple the real fantasy and the real dependence there is no independence from this we are all hooked even those who pretend that they are not the chemicals in your food the poison in your air the dirt you walking on is killing you the earth is dead this a child with a remote surfing a million channels don't expect a plot or anything you can sink you teeth into I'm not here to provide you with an entertaining narrative I expect by now that most people have given up thrown in their cards in the next room a little girl shouts OMG she didn't do anything the girls are watching a movie and they are lost in the storyline speak into the microphone senator have you ever done three minutes or more on the speed bag your response is important for national security install your new cpu here you just pull back the skin from the skull like this it is all very routine the replacement of the human parts with machine parts we live in a disposable world recycling is a thing of the past now everything is thrown away that way the poor have an occupation sorting through the trash it gives them purpose a meaningful life not everyone can lead the life of a weasel like you hugo god knows that I have tried but alas to no avail adding another layer of disorientation a construct of weirdness the bizarre and the obsolete all tossed together in a salad transcending the limitations of individual human experience this fantasy of escape there is a bather on the beath and she is trying to escape reality back and forth between the game and this there are dictionary pages it has been a long time the woman is on the beach and there is a guy with a flag he is waving his flag in the air the bells are calling Tim is standing on the

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