Thursday, January 19, 2012

page 74

him if he would like to rumble she can see all the goose pimples up and down his arm she salivates just thinking of all those young cells trapped inside his young body she wants to drape himself over him and dissolve his young flesh she is hoping that he will fall down and be paralyzed that way tonya can pounce without resistance sometimes her eagerness scares them away Mr. Nervous and the circus owner watch tonya drool over the young meat the traffic was building up inside the cafeteria and more and more customers crowded in to the small room it became like a persistent dream coffee and some mustard from tonya’s hotdog fell on the floor the busboy looks penetrated with tonya’s astrotheology she is telling him about jesus and the stars how the bible is just a astrological text tonya asks the busboy if he has any pride he tells her he has an alarm clock tonya wipes some mustard from her lip and smiles at the busboy puerile penile a self-induced hypnotic trance the busboy went wrong somewhere and they found him with an injected smile no one could prove that is was all tonya’s fault she blamed it all on the stars the busboy had some bad stars some say the busboy died of the yellow sickness Dr. Loophole assessed the situation and came up with brain control he hypnotized everybody into believing the lie even tonya was believing in the lie Dr. Loophole was feeding her blue oatmeal and she was starting to glow he said it was necessary to make amends with the ascended fathers but I was convinced it was all bullshit when I get the shakes I can tell bullshit from your common everyday truth and I was having the shakes really bad once Dr. Loophole had tonya humming he had her service all of his clients however all of his clients began to glow in the dark the good doctor said that this was the cost of doing business tonya had this way of sitting on your lap and working your cock up in her like a corkscrew then she works it like a meat grinder spurting inside her it was like smoking black hash after we were done I had to lay down and take a nap tonya is more than a human being she is above it all I am reading about her in the USA today something about blue eyes and brown eyes she was planning an art war and saving her pennies to travel to Arkansas to visit the saint she claims that she is still the same seven years later broken off and reconnected she listens to the words of the saint everyday soaking up the energy she is a dedicated fan watching the hermits playing with the crabs scratching everyone is scratching it is contagious or as tonya likes to say cuntagious (spell check doesn’t like this) there was soldiers everywhere shooting the civilians I wondered how they knew who to shoot I guess it is important to know that before you go off shooting people all those waiting to be hanged could feel it too tonya can you feel me the screams can tear right through you the soldiers were not very good and it took a long time for the people to die I crawled right up into tonya’s muddy canal it just made me feel good all over she was all high jungle warm and steamy I was going to trade her for a new soul since mine was pretty much worn out all those years of good living can really catch up to you I worked her patch  of corn on the side of the mountain she started drawing formulas on the floor she told me about the illuminated hand and how they controlled everything she drew symbols all over the floor she said these symbols represented the universe and its power

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