Friday, January 27, 2012

page 112

punctuation no line breaks no connection no meaning no hope in this world harpo is building a big transmitter he wants to sailor fuck mommy the preponderance of fetishes and fixations freudian motifs that tremble on the edge of terror or orgasm harpo is building an enormous psychological power the very things we were suckled on from the tits of society our culture is a bastard with no place to call home this is sick and dirty and infantile  strap on and hang on the dime store psychologists trying to find my deficiencies through my writing they want to tie everything back to me back to a repressed need that was never fulfilled this is not revelations don't accuse me of painting a picture of evil that I see in the mirror evil wears us all the cat is dancing on the table the building is on fire the firemen are busting through the door with their axes a pop age gone loco an upside down story out of the vinyl deeps miss palm wants to visit the electric Eden she is sure that there she will be able to get even everybody loves our town especially at night when all the lights are on the birth of the soul and everything that comes after absence emotional outburst miss palm is screaming at the cat five mean years she is listening to the music the beach boys I think not the monster it once was from noise to silence miss palm is all about science and romance a disk saved on her computer I love her madly I love her in an age of lost innocence she has lost her modern innocence once in love with a dualism that subjectivity and objectivity were exclusive the universe divided at the seam with the ought and the is inspiration comes under the apple tree miss palm is under the tree talking to a snake I think his name is henry matters that can be spoken of in the old way with a stick he draws a circle around the tree by the force of words I saw a wall of flame circle the tree I try to explain to miss palm that she cannot escape her past experiences that the past choices she has made as taken her on a ride to the pace she is today rather good or bad it is the result of a multitude of experiences things that she did and things that happened to her fitting together in a human algebraic formula miss palm was dressed in the thoughts of the dead she wants to build a space colony on the moon you have been convinced that the existing social system of inequality is both inevitable and rational it is in the best interests of the world that you suffer the world needs someone to step on so why shouldn’t it be you we can come up with a thousand reasons why we should be wealthy and why you should be poor we have scientific studies to back it up along with the precedence of tradition a long valued and established tradition and by the authority of god he made us your masters if you do not love us then you do not love god you love god don’t you miss palm has internalized certain values and norms that have taught her how she should behave and to accept her subordinate place in society these beliefs and values that miss palm has been taught work against and hinder her desire for freedom and self-fulfillment  she is repressed through entertainment and consumerism we have become a part of this mechanism for repression if our writings do not challenge the human brainwashing that our world leaders engage in then we are pawns in their game we are just as guilty as those who exploit us and take

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