Friday, January 6, 2012

page 45

his hands are always dirty but his toes are clean the grave digger is drink a whiskey sour because that is what real men drink he tells everyone in the bar that is what real men drink kinbote tells the gravedigger that real men love tim just like Mr. Perry this makes the whistle boy laugh and he spits his mouthful of beer on the floor the barmaid walks by slipping on the beer on the floor and falls breaking her head wide open toby’s pig sees gray material laying on the floor and eats the barmaid’s brains this disgust tim and he starts shout down lightning bolts from heaven thus causing it to rain and blow a wild evil storm around the town in the alley behind the bar is lola in the white socks and humbert she is giving humbert a blow job the lightning and rain scare them into the bar they sit down and order root beers lola in the white socks is still trying to make up words she believes she create new realities that don’t exist with her word creations her newest creation is thickfulness she says that toby’s pig is in the state of thickfulness  she says that she is thickful for the pigs thickfulness tim pushes the pig out of the way and scoops up what is left of the barmaid’s brains and puts them back into her head he says a few magical words under his breath and bring s the barmaid back to life everyone in the bar is amazed except for toby he is looking around for the hidden strings everyone in the bar except toby falls down on their hands and knees and worships kinbote tim says great more fucking believers humbert is crying like a baby and asking tim to forgive him his sins tim agrees reluctantly and forgives both humbert and lola in the white socks lola tells tim that she is thickful for his forgiveness tim tells them both to go and sin no more they finish their root beers and leave the bar praising the glory of kinbote humbert and lola in the white sock become traveling bible salemen lola saves up her money from selling bibles to retards in the Midwest and gets herself a sex change operation and becomes a man she knows calls herself larry in the white socks now he is a love monger a close relative to billy the kid he speaks to everyone as if he is living in a burlap bag he is destroying the mundane making the crooked sacred there is no use in arguing over the meatheads larry says it is praise that gives one power over the acne a farcical mortal fin it is growing out of the middle of larry’s back humbert thinks that maybe larry is becoming a shark he certainly sells more bibles than humbert and being able to sell door to door is the first indication in the DSM4R for being a bona fide shark larry’s skin is turning a dull gray with each bible he sells he even sold one to a former lover to the old cowboy now that was a trick and a half the old cowboy used to be this big movie star he made at least a thousand cowboy movies then he became born again and married a beauty pageant queen they both raised little rug rats in the state of texas then the old cowboy became interested in politics and was elected governor now he spends his time bitching about gays in the military the barmaid started a church of kinbote at the bar and she testified nightly on how the lord tim saved her worthless mangy life and now she only lives for tim like a bazooka with his name on it she wants to help tim expose the whole world to his disease a local tv station videotapes the barmaids sermons every Sunday Mr. Perry hears about this and starts attending the barmaid’s church he hopes that this might help him get closer to kinbote Jane

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