Monday, January 16, 2012

page 64

repertoire was war protest songs we did a hellashish rendition of all along the watchtower Zelda doesn’t want to know anymore she only wants to forget I have lost so many things I started to worry about what I said and how I was saying it I started to think about my audience and what it was that they wanted to hear from me and then I said fuck that I just need to write what comes out naturally I don’t need to force it or coax it or work it over hot coals I just need to let it flow if there is nothing to write then I need to just shut the fuck up I’m not here to win friends and influence people I’m breaking down the walls kicking them down fuck convention fuck the rules let hell break loose and run amok lets burn everything down lets smash everything in stop chasing after bullshit sell your soul and join a rock band get in your car and drive until it runs out of gas then get out and hitchhike go until you can’t go anymore each the end of the earth and turn around and do it all over again in the opposite direction find someone that needs a friend and spend a lifetime being their friend pull out what is inside you and give it away throw it all away dedicate your life to a foolish cause believe in a stupid idea create your own religion dress like a clown act like a fool challenge authority challenge those with no authority quit your job plant a garden learn to play a musical instrument become a monk run for political office give a dollar to a business man buy someone a cup of coffee give a knife to a criminal and buy a baby a gun make clothes out of weeds and burn up all of your rugs shave your head and wear cowboy boots talk loudly and sing and whistle to yourself all of the time give advice to people whether they ask for it or not tell people the opposite of what you think tell everyone that you love them adopt a dog from the humane society and name him god stop listening to fools who think they all got it figured out because they don’t none of knows what is going on it is all one big fucking joke that has been pulled on the whole human race there is no need to get all excited about politics because it doesn’t matter who gets elected nothing changes the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor stop believing in the bullshit and learn to resist in small ways drag your feet slow things down take a longer lunch tell you children lies tell them god loves them tell them to believe in democracy tell them that god is on Americas side tell them to obey their masters tell them that drugs are bad tell them that you only tell them the truth tell them to die for their country tell them that they are better than everyone else tell them that they are the lucky ones tell them that only they are beautiful tell them that they can do no wrong tell them that success is the measure of a good life tell them that they were meant to live the good life tell them to stay in the cave tell them to not go outside tell them to hate their neighbor tell them to kill everyone who is not like them tell them that there is a heaven waiting for them tell them that black is white tell them that war is good tell them that death is only the beginning tell them that god died for their sins tell them that willie boy is coming and he is going to destroy the god damned war machine Gie climbs out of the window and onto the ledge he is singing a tune from the rolling stones time is on my side yes it is a crowd gathers below they wonder what this is all about Gie looks like a huge pigeon on the ledge he is shouting at the people below

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