Friday, January 13, 2012

page 58

game with you anymore I will not hold my breath leo is reintroducing himself he says that you have known each other before a long time ago before the war he said that you once danced together to the music of a water borne illness those were the days a parallel lines the town fathers aligned the streets a narrow packed backlog I think Nanuk of the north was catching on the cratered body with stitched cars Nanuk of the north feels across the horizon and builds his tower of premature billboards he is dotting the body of Miss Palm with holistic magic he pulls the bone out of her abdomen there is a small amount of seal blood he dangles the bone above her skin Miss Palm has outshined buttons they are undone and her breasts are pushing the silence she has a river rose tattooed and rubbed Nanuk of the north speaks to her like the holy ghost he is using his inflicted patina as a means instead of an end Miss Palm is a slippery slope and Nanuk of the north knows this he has been taught by his elders to be mindful of injustice no matter how he describes the Cyrillic Nanuk of the north is an inventor of new words and thus he creates new worlds he is making a new world for Miss Palm it exists next to a river outside of town there are tall houses for seventeen people Nanuk of the north is able to make the open shut past the lips to stay alive Miss Palm is reflective and singing to the strips of light she can drain thirty days of elbows while smoking a cherry bomb cigarette she is not worried about the side effects of the belief in the trinity the mirror and face in silhouetted sky dragging her concentric halos they are in a box labeled atrocities with bent head apprehension she opens her heart to translucent alchemy Miss Palm is more than a fictional character she is more than two dimensional space she has seen what the universe pours out at the end of the party all the beer cans with cigarette butts in them making the dead alive again it was a skeleton waltz that she danced unlike any other she whirled around the floor and Nanuk of the north clapped his hands to the music her legs would dangle over the edge I am afraid that if I tried to tell you only one thing that I wouldn’t be able to fully express my message there are so many things that I want to express I want to share with you how it feels inside my heart the pain I feel for being so alone and misunderstood for so many years I am always on the outside looking in not really feeling a part of that which revolves around me I am trying to reach out to you to share a real human connection the subliminal wires connect our minds the ghosts are pulling the levers we have learned to turn off the mind control machine we have become disconnected for the hive the material rubs against her thighs is this noise or some kind of distortion or is it another message that is trying to get through the babbling ghosts have multiple personalities and many different messages try to get through I think we met in another life we lived together down by the sea during the day we collected seashells to sell to the tourists and at night we played in a rock and roll band our connection to each other was synthetic and universal we were naked and dirty not a moral dirty that suggests something wrong but a dirty that comes from nature from living life close to the ground feeling the earth move and loving the life that we were given we were happy to be together and with each other we were complete your laugh always could fix everything your smile could

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