Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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bodies sometime a person can take another's place betty boop was like that it seemed that she always wanted to be someplace else not where she was people pass through and give it shape brushing up against the secrets of this world and all the others betty boop like to brush up against things but she had no intentions of discovering the truth she was afraid of the truth because the truth could be dangerous too dangerous for a little girl from Iowa it was I who fucked her and not harpo he just watched he always watched sometimes from the window watching her do her cheers in her bra and panties she left the kid with her mother the brains were everywhere handing her things driving past the cornfields of Iowa she wasn't my wife I couldn't marry her betty boop said she didn't care about the things that were behind it I asked her who she loved what was the name of the guy she loved pass the bottle betty pass the bottle let me take a real big swig I was lucky once I told her boyfriend to get lost that betty boop and I had some business to attend to we had old times to catch up on the cops were knocking on the door asking me my name asking to see my identification it was room 603 I wanted a room with a double bed betty boop used the bathroom I called room service and told them to bring up a bottle of jim beam betty boop was wearing a tight black dress it was cut real short betty boop was pretending to not know me she said that I was thinking too much she lit a joint and took a big hit she is hitting it hard and holding it the room service came to the door and delivered the burbon I paid tribute to the fair maiden and then took out my sword who cares where betty boop was born she was born in Iowa it is all corn fields and hot during the summer she had died and hugo brought her back from the dead he went over there and brought her back she looked a little different but she was betty boop she was found dead in the bathroom she had slit her wrists horizontal like a lion tearing her apart at her most beautiful betty boop was a cheerleader in high school back in Iowa I asked her to do me a cheer she could have been a cheerleader at the university she gave me a cheer a great big cheer she stabbed him for times with a steak knife if she had a gun she would have shot him she wouldn't look at harpo twice don't worry honey everything is find harpo's mother was hot driving through Iowa she was always hot where ever she drove to and they were always driving from one place to another all over the fucking country harpo has been to almost every state in the fucking country harpo's mom at the wheel of the old rambler station wagon it was black with white panels on the side harpo was in the back of the station wagon as they drove all across the fucking country we are driving down a road it is a highway a deserted highway that no one has been down for maybe a hundred years I think everyone has probably forgot about this road this highway I remember my grandfather telling me stories about a road that no one traveled down a lost raod that was for the lost a person who no longer knew their way in the world they go drive down this road and find somewhere else to go to a place that was not of this world but of another world a different world do you know of such a place it was on this road that I met an angry dog I was afraid at first I thought he was going to bite me but  didn't he wasn't angry because of me or because I was there he was angry at

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