Tuesday, January 24, 2012

page 96

humans so that he can enjoy the experiences of the flesh he is in constant struggle with losing and maintaining his place in the universe truck the demon has been attenuated but not completely erased all of his ties to humanity have not been fully severed he still has his connection through the barmaid when he is inside her he is able to experience everything she experiences sometimes truck the demon just goes for a ride he just sits back and watches what is happening sometimes he exerts control over the barmaid and makes he do something or say something it is because of her strange behavior and the weird things she has said that has tipped her father the turk that she is possessed the turk is making plans to have truck the demon removed from his daughter this is life real cop bad cop high up on a mountain top the American way of life burning down life this is a bad life burning down your house switch blade knife real life dark skies truck the demon thinks he is here to stay with his bad voodoo he is making the barmaid mad she is going insane he turns her upside down she is all confused and distorted it is too crowded inside of her too much is going on there is an all night in another world she is drowning in the ocean she is flapping her arms in the water struggling to stay afloat no one sees her no one hears her she is all alone dying she is upside down floating in space moving away from the space capsule the cord that connects her to the ship has been severed she is floating away farther and farther away the barmaid is lost we are losing her I don’t think she can hear us she has slipped off into her own little world can we reach her can we save her in time she is out of the loop propping up old economic systems stop it stop it now making a living an infinite street an amorphous anarchy insisting on using flash trash can come to the back of the alley we are burning bodies in trash cans they were all good mates but they wore out their welcome so we had to put them down a video about my thoughts a new religion a great deal of stock in those terms looking down upon religion the function that it facilitates she tempts us with a little glimpse of her shoulder getting the best of you seeing her out of her underworld an excuse to check the score ripened to perfection she tastes like honey and smells like cream cheese the grand scheme getting hit by a truck conforming to the four minute rule my song tends to run longer it becomes more erotic as it goes along it is about the love we share we can do it a game changer I was floored oh my god it is still brand new I was shot in the leg there was nothing I could say I couldn't feel we were two people I was there to see a friend the people in the crowd were reaching towards me touching me with a love for the human race and not for the monsters how did we get to this strange place I do not recognize it I never saw it before I have seen many things but not this there was no way to prepare for this no one saw it coming as simple and straight forward as I can I appreciate your interest in my method of my madness this should be fun a vibrating polisher I make you clean and gleamy you are my polished metal abrasive materials polishing you a wall of warm air you will notice the change my new hobby the best angles mounting you drilling you pounding you I am documenting my work how I am transforming you manicured people touching my fingernails a bizarre thing people might be suspicious of the salvage operation there are many different

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