Monday, January 30, 2012

page 116

the ground a normal squish caught between my toes dancing to the music and those on the ground are dead the lap dance of death jesus wanted a dog he is dragging his wounded leg I am downloading the free sex tape she is eating her satanic cupcakes we removed her sixth finger with a Swiss army knife and a hot iron eat me drink me make me you god people appear out of nowhere the character is vulnerable finding myself living in the sorrow see the irony the metaphors a deep dark hole exposed to magic the thoughts you think inside your head is a matter of social control you cannot fight your way out of the box you have been socialized to think the box is real thus your mind constrains you if we stopped paying the politicians would anyone still run for political office the little school girl says that we cannot tell big stories of the world only small stories what we know battles in an arena with other ideas to see which ideas win out it is a battle to the death those ideas that win live on and those who are defeated get lost in the miasma of competition fading away from the sight of glory as I make love to you my body is transformed a horn grows out of me and I slice open the flower I force the flower to see rain and sunlight to open its petals painfully for the first time the nectar of the flower is so sweat it is exhilarating she is kissing my feet the arousal of her feet fetish I once had a female doctor and a female nurse both bending over me feeling my feet it was an orgy in the doctor’s office they were both breathing heavy feeling my feet for a pulse I have supernatural powers I unzipped my pants and they took turns kissing my balls and sucking my cock I was not sure if it was spiritual love or plastic love an increasingly hypoxic state of the brain I tied them both up and beat them with paddles and whispering obscene words into their ears asking them if they want me to treat them like dirty girls at one point the doctor disrobed and laid on the table exposing herself for my inspection I put on a pair of rubber gloves and examined her beautiful cunt the nurse began handing me medical tools to insert inside the doctor’s vagina fanny hill she is painting in water color the monsters that she sees outside her windows she claims that they are circling around her house I show her the bite marks on my ass from my doctor she was a shipping magnate heiress it was a simple package of madness the severed body parts of Mickey mouse autoerotic sex and gender tonya puts on her bunny suit I am setting the walls of fire bronco billy and mark twain were peeking in her windows they were dressed like john Wayne gacy clowns the stench of death trailed behind them I am reading her a poem from Rimbaud “as scummy as I can” tonya showed me her scar where they took the baby out she said it had a tail and horns she said it reminded her of me she still thinks I’m hugo everyone thinks I’m hugo I am writing down all the words to your war song as you sang for the dead as they lay dying in the streets where are their bank accounts where is their trust in lucre where does the leviathan lay rotting she says her prayers through spiders’ webs she said that they just learned of the cancer on Saturday I am squeezing her avocados seeing if they are ripe we understood about steeples everywhere that a stone is still a stone as we spoke the eulogies of chaos she sticks her ass out the car window transubstantiation told me that it would soon be spring the earthen pot the

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