Wednesday, January 11, 2012

page 54

hugo will find a way to bring about his revolution regardless of my ideals betty boop tells me that I am not important in the grand scheme of things I am just a toad or a small insignificant flower that is trampled underfoot she was always good at putting things into perspective I am placing you into different tumblers watching the numbers drop hugo wants to show his human side I am outlining his influences and gazing at his damning testimony the human race stands condemned as the pulleys move and the gears move turning the war machine breaking humanity he treats them as if they are pure and blameless when we have all participated in the illusion we are all players in the farcical play a broken down old computational war dog howling at the blood red moon he tells us that he is not here to make us happy he is here to make us feel and to make us think to make us learn for ourselves I did all I could to feed hugo to the machine to deny his influence I prefer to live in the ignorance of my beliefs to believe that love consumes us all as my life turns upon the wheel of fortune as hugo comes with a knife to put meat upon the table where were my voices to warn me of the harm of the danger betty boop did not give me a word she held her tongue as the wolf approached this inheritance of loss is what makes us human landscapes of decay are everywhere I look I am reading your love letters I keep them in a locked box with my tarot cards and magic beans to climb up the beanstalk I have laid waste to all of your physical powers yet you still speak to me in the astral world your kiss was never just a kiss there was always something more behind and in front of your actions a history of movements that you inherited your hands could always launch the ideological arsenal sending the missiles into the dark sky bring death and destruction this is a desire for self drinking wine talking shit constantly a perfect bunker to hide in as the bullets fly overhead I slip into your membrane the world is a monster coiled around my leg as performance art the advances of your red devils with chisels in the corners they are creating a territory for themselves ready for anything both good or bad with rolled up shirtsleeves seatbelts paused pulverized marble the tools are greasy in their demonic hands as they work into the night another disconnected hand as the rooms turns soundly chirping like a bird betty boop teaching me to dance when the world shudders there is nothing new it only hurts for a minute turn your head and watch what matters flicker across the tv screen have you been keeping score as the waitress brings you another stack of pancakes she has syrup between her legs sticky sweet tonight we will have trailer park slut she thinks its Halloween her body is bent over my bed she is praising the confines of leather constraints my whip rings like her princess phone I kick her little dog it is the president on the phone he wants to have sloppy seconds before he starts another war it is the reason why he was elected the big white ass of a fucking asshole the bitches are beautiful in the kill zone as Leo adjusts his sights he is zeroing in on his target he is not started by the moon I danced with betty boop in screaming wet sex all of her positions are bifurcated she sings like a cheese pizza when all I wanted was absinthe a sugar free dreamer that I fuck over and over again her thoughts prevail like acid the first ameba with a fetish for rubber posing for your camera hugo has a

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