Friday, January 13, 2012

page 59

melt my hardest days with you I am not alone we share something that is beyond this physical existence it is like we have been together many times things such as gender and beauty and relationship do not matter we have revolved around each other’s lives many times the names keep changing but the relationship stays the same the connection stays the same your mother had a home in paradise to feel beloved on this earth remorse with the desolate these desolate veins used to pump blood they used to pump life now there is only fragments of a broken dream somewhere we lost each other now I will have to wait for the next life to find you again sometimes there are no second chances jane puffed nervously on her cigarette a limited human being who knew her limits she was comfortable with them she is a force of creation and destruction once again we are confronted by movement it was not movement for the sake of movement it was purposeful it led to a new beginning a new sunrise it was movement that was taking us to our place in the sun she would sing me a lullaby and play with my long hair as we watched the clouds play in the sky we could not formulate the future although we would convince ourselves that we could we ignored the true indicators and put our hopes on strength and beauty and blind ambition blind ugly animalistic force id it couldn’t be schmoozed then we would force it break its neck break its back pummel and pound and bite and scratch we wouldn’t stop until we saw red we were bulls trapped in the ring and we would kill everyone to get out to remove the hidden places of our being choked with the naked sunshine groaning to bring forth the life in nature to see the lamb rise into the sky the orgasm of the universe the asteroid crashed into your planet causing your world to spin out of control to create a new life that you previously didn’t know you were a new creature with a new star chart dripping with apostles and their exposed wounds no longer the recipient of a singular life many births and deaths to shape her into the queen that she was suddenly life breaks forth out of her you are not the object that you surround yourself with you are not the words that you speak you are your actions you are the things you do what you do is influenced by the decisions you make what you do is influenced by your philosophy by the way you see the world by what you consider to be right and wrongs what you think influences your actions you can spend all your life thinking and if you do nothing you are nothing you can spend your whole life talking and if you do nothing you are nothing the point is to do something to act upon the world around you this heart only pushes blood from organ to organ there is no feeling inside it we invent the feelings with our monkey minds our desire to return to the primal to kill or be killed for something more than a dollar our blood feeds the dust makes our energies move forward into other creatures and things we become dispersed there is no need to argue with the laws of nature the world will move as it always does until it melts into nothing that is your significance nothing you came from nothing and will return to nothing and the universe will forget you lay down upon your deathbed and see yourself dying watch as they lower your body into the grave see yourself decomposing feeding the worms and the flowers until nothing of your body remains watch your spirit leave your dead body and

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