Monday, January 9, 2012

page 48

reading the plexus and taking down notes about AC and Tim kinbote the glorious one that was when tim was wearing blue eye shadow and throwing interceptions to everyone who could catch a ball jane didn’t believe back then she was an endless chute we were all ungrateful monsters I made you Jane and now you look at me differently like a sinner a lost soul in the pits of hell she hates me because I am friends with Mr. Crowley she is convinced that he is no good the story the fight the adventure she can see no future in his poetry her chakras are troubled and she is giving up the project no more hands across the waters jane only loves tim and occasionally Mr. Perry her heart belongs only to gods and presidents now she is working for the cause she has a mission she has unlocked her inner sickness she writes about it in her poetry tells everyone how daddy abused her made her into a junkie and a tramp it is her excuse to fall into a bottle she is embarrassed she has very little self value it has been stolen from her by her father she feels like a failure the tears fall from her eyes like disembodied ghosts she is looking for her underwear in the back of Mr. Perry’s truck cashing in on her criminal karma flapping her wings of venom he died in her arms as she seduced him she would call him boring as he read her lips jane would speak out against the little voices in Mr. Perry’s head the one that tell him to leave her for tim she wants to ride in a car with tinted windows one that is bullet proof and has secret service running along side of it she is convinced that this is the start of a long lasting relationship but Mr. Perry isn’t so convinced he loves tim more than jane he still uses jane as a bathroom every chance he can get he gets to pretend he is a man with jane even though he is really a bitch he is waiting for the axe that will split the weak he is dreaming of a new cycle a new world with a new king he is sitting on a throne made of skulls everyone bows and worships conformity as the people step in front of the speeding machine it is a revolution that he dreams of a new world where he is king and everyone loves his god tim just as much as he does Mr. Perry wants to kill everyone who does not believe the world does not believe in tim so Mr. Perry wants to destroy the world and jane cried when her daddy died Mr. Perry said he would give her a star everyday he wants to drown her in the sickness every night to burn her on the stake of love he is pulling the curtains of the soul his knife is dull as her cuts out her heart he is dripping from the corner of her mouth he walks he talks he shoots from the three point line the mushrooms are kicking in he tells her that she cannot leave she must stay until the full moon she is picking up the pieces of her broken childhood naked on the hood of Mr. Perry’s car doing this fucked up thing the priest next door never beats on the wall Mr. Crowley has written almost a complete book about AC and his magical powers he says that he will only tell us what we need to know he is claiming no prize he is raising up the propaganda putting his money in the bank and burning his dollars the mothers are standing outside the bank they are holding up picket signs save our babies from filthy lucre Mr. Crowley is standing outside with a megaphone lecturing to the mothers he tells them that the problem is the federal reserve sucking on the nipple of compound interest and the fear of being denied another loan the mothers are burning their

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