Tuesday, January 24, 2012

page 98

you live with that feeling your whole life I had to pull you out of the lake of fire I had to set you free from your chains I had to slay your demons to take you down from your cross wrapping your body in the strips of cloth washing your body preparing you for burial sitting around a pizza laden table selling my copies of my book all of the copies out of the trunk of my car at the psychological hospital she may be a monster I am sure that she has powers to trick people I know that she has tricked me many times getting out the bones and you lose the structure going on for ever sex scenes she said that I had to be tasteful and not filthy and horrible we went to disney land for the day riding on the dumbo ride an international competition taking you into my own hands super fucking depressed I'm here in my own shoes feeling the wind and the heat from the sun I am standing at a crossroads so fucked up I can barely stand up absolutely come up and see me art and decadence signed by the author servants of the feminine she didn't want the same things as other three thousand miles off to the wars poking the starlets I take you in my arms sticking my tongue down your throat doing my thing so she can catch the latest disease writing bad poetry she notices the difference the change in me I can't go on with this any more taking her to houston she introduced us over lunch early american brass she said that I was such a bastard keep the tickets she asked if it was her tits 100% organic she wanted to know if it was the way she fucks if she was to old I forgot how much of a bitch she was she said that I hurt her saying she was not a nice person new york has the best chinese food in the whole world she lit a candle and asked me about tonya if I was still seeing her I pulled her hand down from over her eyes and kissed her hand I told her not to worry about tonya she looked at me as if she saw me for the very first time the city of lights betty boop asked me if we were in china I told her no she asked me why I was speaking chinese why I was chopping up a duck with a butcher's knife she told me that she was afraid that I was going crazy that someday I would kill her just like that duck she was waiting for the witchdoctor to come he was bring us some chinese food I told that he was going to hypnotize her to help her with her problem he is a specialist and not a generalist he will know what to do the witchdoctor knows about only certain special things hidden things he knows about things you can't learn in a book that is what makes him special he learned these special things from his father who was a witchdoctor also she said that she took a walk and everything was just like this she said she had seen it all before she said that she thought she saw me on the other said and she ran towards me calling my name but I wouldn't turn around and when she caught up to me I changed I shape shifted into another man she said I changed into hugo and hugo brought her back to me she said that I should thank hugo the next time I see him she made me promise that I would thank him she wanted me to thank him proper I know about crucial I can see betty's nipples through her nightgown she hands me a twenty she says keep the change she puts my hand upon her crotch and she says give it to me I stood in the street thinking with my pecker she told me not to wait too long and I didn't I understood clearly where things were going back then back in the beginning when this all began sometime we change

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