Friday, January 13, 2012

page 63

the little sun betrayed by the little school girl hugo kills the lion and proposes a riddle giving you new underwear a feast at his wedding they were not four apostles it has got to be twelve the mind of the universe is twelve 30 slices of the pie 30 sheets putting forth the riddle Hugo didn’t know where to buy the sheets I normally go to Target to buy my sheets hugo grabs a club and knocks the heads off of 30 guys he gave them to his wedding guests going through the sign of leo he slays the lamb torches of their tails the little school girls always helps hugo do his killing creating the jesus story to enslave rome tell them a great big lie the dead don’t need no proof burning the fields 300 foxes hugo is forming history making things as he wants them to be and not as they exist he is creating a new world for his bride a world were a lie converts all inverting the light to bend to the truth rising through beauty and wisdom the dream is forgotten a long time refusing to listen tonya spoke of hugo every day she told everyone that he breathed fire and hanged tim’s chief servant up by his heels Mr. Perry is the hanged man cursed is Mr. Perry he can no longer kill the little children the man who wanted to destroy the world is dead accustomed to our own technology are we looking in the wrong place a different power system Wilcox climbs the pyramid and looks over the valley he remembers to words of the witchdoctor the evidence is in front of our eyes there are things that we don’t know the physics taught in school is not evident one hundred armed guards preventing us from learning the truth this is not the golden age feeding the egos of kings all workers are slaves we live from paycheck to paycheck looking to the future instructed not to point out the words that have been written Wilcox is building a giant battery to create a big enough charge to send a message out into outer space generating orbs choking the air with balls of energy electrified air excited to the state of glowing run the people feed the people open-eyed with her mouth herding the crickets into the arena my most favorite artist I know so little about you the work is so hard for such little return yet we continue to pull the wings off of the flies involved with the darkest reds ever known to the world the little school girl had discovered the secret of foxgloves and she would not tell anyone not even Wilcox who could be so persuasive but it was already too late she had disappeared and gone to another place Wilcox only had some crude sketches that she left behind Tonya sent him some bread and a flask of wine in the hopes of cheering him up the secret of the foxgloves would not be discovered we have these things in Iowa the neighbor lady planted flowers while us boys were next door getting high her cries cannot drown out the mystery something is hovering over us wanting to destroy us Gie said we were impoverished at nighttime Zelda would undress Gie and Zelda don’t get along too well anymore Zelda has to have her cherished ideals and Gie was on the street buying up flesh he would send them to the butcher with a glazed look in their eyes the Turk would cut them up into little pieces and feed them to the neighborhood dogs on Sundays everyone would gather at the Turk’s house to practice our singing we were going to enter our group in a local competition the Turk had the most wonderful voice when he would sing the angels would cry we called ourselves the butcher’s singing club the bulk of our

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