Tuesday, January 17, 2012

page 69

do with your actions it is helpful to be aware of this in everything we do Frankie is a punk he sold his mother into prostitution she working the streets to support her little boy’s habit Frankie is connect to the stars through the dynamic workings of fate and temptation everything is moving spinning around in frankie’s head hallucinating the Nietzschean tragedy speculating on the morality of frankie’s mother he listens through the walls transcribing the Tibetan mysteries hugo is speaking in tongues to tonya and tonya is burning all my postcards from summer camp the ones where I told her that I loved her I was just a boy then and didn’t know how to drink my turpentine I am sending tonya pictures of my cock and balls on my new phone I texted her all the facts that I could remember when did this become about me and not Frankie it is he who is the punk and not I of course it is probably I who is the punk in the eyes of hugo and Tonya and possibly nanuk of the north but he thinks everyone is a punk except for the son of Mr. Green Genes that si the only person nanuk of the north respects tonya fucked me two ways because she believed in being thorough hugo sat in the corner and watched me fuck his wife he even helped me tie her to the bed with some of his silk ties hugo is an investment banker and it is important that he is dressed to kill at all times tonya is a school teacher who teaches first grade I have known hugo for many years we used to be cub scouts together and we both played drums in the elementary school band hugo’s dad was an avid hunter who would take trips to Montana to kill elk and deer it seemed that the universe vibrated at hugo’s feet harpo used to accompany hugo and myself into the woods and we would smoke cigarettes that hugo stole from his mother I was with hugo and harpo when I first got high hugo had bought some weed from herman a kid who lived over a couple of blocks from hugo herman was different from the rest of us he didn’t have a father at least not one that lived with him and his mother hugo and I met herman’s father many years later when we were in high school we helped herman’s father move some furniture into his new house I could tell that herman and his father didn’t really know each other or knew how to talk to each other his father seemed more like a distant uncle than father hugo harpo and I all had fathers and herman didn’t this made him seem different to us almost tougher because he had to be the man of the house all by himself we were just dumb kids seeking visions and having wet dreams of fallen angels we imagined ourselves the fathers of a whole race of nephilim we dreamed the incomprehensible it was herman who first introduced me to AC he brought me over to AC’s house and I bought some marijuana from AC I remember that AC had these two big Dobermans that hid under a bed and growled at me the whole time I was there I heard later from hugo that AC beat the shit out of herman then next time he came over because he brought me over to AC’s to but some weed this never stopped me from going over to AC’s and buying weed from him all the time of course I never brought anyone new with me over to AC’s the naked tremble before the machinery of commerce we were all young capitalists learning to steal from the buyer we always pinched a little from the bags we sold and we learned that profits meant the more weed we could smoke ourselves nanuk of the north

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