Friday, January 20, 2012

page 86

do not believe in anything zelda’s hips are getting wider meaning is not a one-to-one relationship a disturbing sense of unreality the children were having a singing lesson the children were prisoners compelled to sing that fool from texas was leading the choir they were singing goodnight Irene there is no limit to the vastness of things their qualities seems to surpass the boundaries that I once knew of them everything become more than I ever imagined I could not reel them in no matter how hard I tried they had moved beyond my reach and I was hopelessly alone I wanted to close in on this objects and make them mine through domination through the sheer force of my will I wanted to create the world in my image but my power to do so had escaped me random raw materials and impulses who is this creature that stands before us it is cloaked in darkness and has massive wings that stretch out to eternity thus meaning has been signified and expressed how you interpret such things is a condition of the self I can only influence your interpretation to a certain extent tell me about your childhood was it happy or sad the gleam of hallucinatory splendor dead and flesh colored simulacra becoming a glossy skin a stereoscopic illusion the density of life are removed from me the images and words flood in but they have no context there is no place for a foothold Tommy can you hear me turns back on and against us in unrecognizable forms I have become a flesh eating virus and I eat the world speaking of the fourth machine age the baroque elaboration of pipes the last Vedas the great reflective glass skin drawing a pentagram for blue boy the city of Houston wants him to cut his grass the mothers are going door to door asking people to sign a petition they want to force the fool from texas to take a bath he claims he has constitutional rights I first tasted the dead in the backseat of zelda’s car I think that explains everything if you need to know more than there is no reason for us to continue communicating I would say talk but this is primarily a monologue a small portion of my readers to comment but I am so far ahead in the writing that by the time they see my response in the writing they have forgotten oh well I think that sums it up nicely even the blue hue scorpions agree tommy tells us stories of his climbing mountains in Arizona tommy pronounces it Ari zone EEE Yaaa tommy says that his father is a commander in the navy seals he plans on attending the London school of economic and political science just as soon as he is able to remove the bullet slug in his calf I told him to look up Dr. Loophole and he would pull that slug out of his leg with a rusty pocket knife and a pair of needle nose pliers the little school girl says that we are required to assess the metaphors that are used to describe reality she says that the standard rendition of truth is inadequate it does not properly explain the life that we live the little school girl says that the truth is immune to perception what we see is filtered through a dirty lens our minds treat reality as if it is incorruptible when corruption is the crux of our reality the mind and reality are intertwined truth does not exist without interpretation and it is the human mind that does the interpreting without humans truth no longer exists because truth is a human construction all knowledge is interpreted by the human presence the human mind is the medium for the interpretation of the truth thus reality has a human texture we add

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