Friday, January 20, 2012

page 87

texture to the painting of life our interpretations of reality make life more meaningful regardless of the adequacies of our interpretations if we consider something to be the truth then we act upon it as the truth and this truth either real or imagined has real consequences upon our existence this is the reason why the things we create turn against us and dominate us as if they are external to us we suspend knowledge of the source of their creation and pretend that they are greater than they are we cannot separate reality from subjectivity in our formalistic search for truth we ignore how people interpret themselves and the world therefore we lose sight of the fact that reality is an abstract construction you need to question your beliefs why do you believe the way you do tonya says that she is the master of her universe that she is not a victim of fate why is that is it because she was abused as a child by her father and she wants to believe that she is stronger now that she has a measure of control over her life that her life is not controlled by random chance can your world survive without truth can you survive without truth If I take you out of the cave will you be able to handle it does order require structure does the individual have to sacrifice their own desires for the demands of the structure human action creates structure thus human action creates order thought linked to action is what creates reality it is the actions of human beings that creates reality without humans reality would not exist meaning comes from language life is meaningful because we have language our words are meaning makers we use words to describe the world around us and what we perceive is not pure it is clouded by our experiences thus truth is encountered only through indirect means therefore creating doubt in the validity of our perceived truth reality is shaped by our language what people say about you influences the perceived reality that is you what you say about yourself also influences this perception this is the basis of the magical powers behind faith our speech creates reality bless your heart tonya says but she steal believes in the power of the individual to overcome she says that if we can create our reality than that is exactly what she does she creates her own reality she says truth comes from speech and not from reality truth comes from speech truth comes from speech what is the significance of this we are in the process of discovery truth cannot be forced upon others there is o one single truth there are multiple truths if there is no single truth than there is no structure to society multiple truths require multiple structures multiple realities the mind interprets experiences that are selectively perceived reality is perceived differently by each individual my reality is not your reality language does not reflect reality but is the connective tissue that thing which binds things together the glue that holds us together is language I am altering your reality my words on this page make you think or make you feel you are having some kind of reaction to my words either positive or negative you may be saying wow what truths or you maybe be saying wow what bullshit still the fact that you have read these words have changed your reality a seed has been planted in your mind you have been forever changed whether or not you chose to water the seed and let it grow and produce fruit is up to you reality hides between the words that I have written here this is your reality enjoy it while you

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