Friday, January 27, 2012

page 114

death his bag is full of magic potions and if you look the wrong way he will pull your eyeballs out electronic eyes he looks like a young man just out of bible school he has this angelic look to his face but his eyes are dark saucers of evil when you look into his eyes you can tell that he has no soul thanatos faded glory oil burner liquor store dim neon a broken jukebox Madonna iron maiden slipstream nightmare discotech technique motels rat traps black lights trailer parks locker room chokeholds strip poker gang bangs obscenities twenty dollar bills razor blades window sills the medicine show all night drive-in theaters vultures six-packs gym socks quarter gram oil change hash oil midrange listening to Stevie nicks eight track tapes and a darth vader bong a smokeless one hitter running water barking dogs sangria rib eye steaks and pinhead joints a magic eight ball pinball wizard Frankie got a tattoo that said acdc Frankie threw himself on the floor and crawled over to Dr. Loophole asking him for another fix a manipulator of signals and the signified he is all about deferred gratification he is an expert in social control he hooks the wires of the bomb to frankies flesh openings appear magically to insert the wires it was like Frankie was born for this miss palm suggests that Frankie was a test tube baby Dr. Loophole shows us his badge it says government inspector he knows how to make a person want to die there is a brown paper bag full of money on the kitchen table it is payment from frankies cooperation once the great satan has been killed then we can collect our money miss palm and I are talking about running away to Biloxi Dr. Loophole is using a black and decker drill to put a few suggestions into frankies mind he is making Frankie realize that there is something horribly wrong with him that he deserves the abuse he is receiving miss palm and I are getting our documents in order we will be processed through the government redistribution center little girls walk by and sniff our legs miss palm has a badge tattooed on her left nipple it gives her the right to what the hell she wants to she has searchlights installed in her bedroom and Dr. Loophole recorded each and every sexual encounter he had a whole library of tapes that he was studying his dissertation was on feminist pornography he kept asking me how I was feeling as he showed me picture after picture of lesbians without symmetrical breasts once he saw he was getting nowhere with his method of inquiry he asked if we would like to smoke some hash miss palm thanked him for letting her use his heater she always got cold when she stretched out on the examination table most of the time he didn’t talk to us he just mumbled things to himself as he put us in positions and snapped the camera when Frankie blew up in a piggy wiggly the next day I was too surprised they started to gather up all the political deviants and put them in detention centers these detentions centers were operated by the federal emergency management agency they set a curfew and anyone found on the streets after ten o’clock at night were taken to the fema detention centers the young were sterilized and the old were euthanized if you were too old or weak to work they put you to sleep they were real humane about it they had observers from amnesty international making sure that the old people didn’t suffer before they killed them they

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