Friday, January 20, 2012

page 90

school girl said don’t worry about it just go with the flow there is an abundance of thinking more words than need to be expressed meaning continuously alters and shifts meaning is dynamic and not static it is in continual flux language haunts reality hugo accuses the little school girl in delighting in the evisceration of culture she says hugo is a buffoon stuck in an outmoded universe she accuses him of wanting to go back to the days of horse and buggy she says that the basis of order and structure in this world is shrouded in mystery the possibility of knowing this origin may be an impossibility we may have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever discovering the origins of structure the little school girl suggests that we should stop enslaving people to the rules of society we need to stop teaching people that the world consists of only right and wrong we need to expand people’s thinking to include many more possibilities she says that sometimes we can be a little more right than wrong but we are still wrong in the face of social structure we lose our autonomy and freedom we become slaves to a system a way of thinking a way of living it controls us it shapes us it reduces our possibilities we need to break free and become creative and be creators we need to create a new world in our own image let there be light I create flexible structures that bend and break as I see necessary I create an order in my world there are no witnesses none that are still alive who can testify to this great monstrosity that I have created the monster lives and breathes there is breath in his lungs and he is animated why this patriarchy of monsters we go on playing this game tracing our lineage through the father this is a testimony of a minute part of the situation this could be the fruit of some demon’s dream or imagination thus anything could be possible we are bearing witness to our own particular experience the unknown masterpiece you are informed that human being endowed with language were exposed to a situation little clay me they are spread about the page finding pieces of bodies in the river she says appreciation these gray haired old men are making plans but they don’t include us we have been excluded pushed to the side we are at loss to prove the injury those who were injured did not survive and thusly cannot testify of their injury thus there are no witnesses they have killed all of the witnesses a perfect mob crime this something is the easy thing a simple thing of yes or no but these two cannot hold the fullness of the world our experiences are more than yes and no the accused has to explain his nonexistence his relationship or her relationship to nothingness if you are nothing then why are you here but you have a grievance with the world for making you nothing yet you cannot stand against your accuser she can only express what she has and she has nothing she is stigmatized by this impossibility to prove she cannot prove the world guilty the world refuses to enter in the courtroom this brings me to a question do we own our words or do our words own us we would simply say that obviously we own our words but is this really true are we being a bit naïve in our assumption of ownership because the words we speak existence before we existed they precede us they were before us we did not invent this words but we only inherited them from humans that came before us thus in terms of time order our words are superior to us we could claim superiority over words in that we

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