Thursday, January 12, 2012

page 55

mind of his own in his cowboy boots climbing up the tower a prime number spurts out the end of his dick hugo scratches his balls and begins his secret life of watching this white fatty tissue his love for her vomit her jeans and leather jacket with her bullet proof belt as she reads her poetry he is watching her through a hole in the closet he first thought that the world consisted of words instead of objects as he peered through the hole in his closet he came to realize that the world consists of actions one human action upon self or others in between actions exists gaps in reality when nothing happens these gaps in time are like the massive blackness of outer space these gaps in action are when the world steps into the realm of nothingness life is broken up or interrupted by periods of nothingness the real is interrupted by the unreal thus we do not exist in an unbroken linear model the model is broken there are gaps in reality consistency does not exist we move away from objects and away from thoughts to actions being the only prime aspect of reality we exist in our actions when we do not act we do not exist in the world only our actions makes sense to be still is illogical the purpose is to find the limits of action and thus set out the boundaries of reality hugo’s actions are not my actions and thus his reality is not the same as mine hugo is not violent he is only tired it is leo who is violent when he is cleaning his gun and practicing his salute his walls are polished and tasteful for someone with a psychotic tendency to dig up the disco bones the breathe in and out and fall over dead leo gave us a busy story about how his actions were justified he claimed that he wasn’t hurting no body he claimed the harm was purely metaphorical there is a hole in Calcutta that would attest otherwise there is a picture of leo and a swami leo is holding a cigarette and there are beer bottle on the table scrawled on the back is the word trance there is a man with tattooed arms underfoot a nun is blowing her nose and leo is forgetting about jesus leo says that the being is mine he says that I am the key to his existence he is a manifestation of my dream state when the dream ends leo will end he claims that everything in this world is an emanation of my dream this dream seems to last forever I have tried to right leo’s wrongs but I haven’t enough time soon I will awake and leo will be gone and I will have to dream up a fresh new devil we have been sleepwalking all this time it was such a strange dream one with drugs and sex and bountiful amounts of boredom doing the same thing over and over again with waking and dreaming within the dream between the fingers of ghosts all the words jumble together they roam in and outside my mind I can’t explain what happened to the carpet I can explain my lack of connection to this world that I supposedly invented I was distracted by the neighbor lady working in her garden she keeps pulling up plants and replanting them somewhere else in her garden it is like an obsession with her maybe the map in her mind keeps changing I watch her dig a hole and fill that hole with plant and dirt sometimes I go and see her and she stops her planting for a little while I tell her that I am in charge and then I tie her up I use the different knots that I learned in the boy scouts it is always helpful to be prepared when it comes to the neighbor lady if I don’t tie the knot just right she gets out and then there is hell to pay I always have to make sure we

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