Wednesday, January 25, 2012

page 104

decisions is ignorance it has its own interests it is like being possessed by the power the power moves through you becoming you it is a principle of dispersion rather than unity I open my pockets and disperse the power my power if it is true that I can own such a thing fabricated bodies by making them the objects of the observing eye observing the mind of everyone forms of control and methods of domination where does this power of knowledge break down what if your knowledge was false then where would be your power what basis would your power stand upon could your power be taken from you if your knowledge was proven to be false the words that I write upon this page are they discursive or non-discursive do they speak of a power that is beyond my finger tips do they come from somewhere else some place that is beyond me is this the place that I escape to in the moment of creation you can watch me paint on you tube you can watch me paint as a disembodied arm that creates is that me or someone else I am not sure how can you be sure that image of a human being could be someone else and not me am I a person am I real do I really exist in this world who created this world that I live in did I did you can you point the person out in a court of law do I know you could I ever know you did we know each other before in a different life we presume the existence of mouth teeth and sugar you make things so sweet not too sweet but just right I assume you exist because you are touching me does that make me an asshole does that make you an asshole she sniff the grapes and then bites down her stocking cap is a bit skewed to one side she says that it is weird she is looking thrifty the colors look like vegetable soup she is selling her beads Lucite carved in the plastic worlds of goldfish she is testing me for a chemical smell dipping me into her solution trying to dissolve me she says that I am lucky my cover art is messed up a Smokey the bear collection taking pictures of me putting me up on her wall she says I will be in the slideshow she will be giving for the church circle everything is the fault of the other no one cares what the issues are we have planted bombs in the common ground she holds my face in her hands I am telling her to take her medications etching her initials into my arm she feels like talking I’m not really listening to her she accuses me of being too fragile I am making firewood building a fire to roast her flesh on roasting her catfish falling in love with the daughter we didn’t know what we were making the rules of discursive formation provide the conditions of existence we ate the Neanderthals who were living in the alley teeth marks on all the bones it was too late for us to discover their discourse we wanted meat picking the meat out from between my teeth I watched you destroy with a razor blade I could not bring you back in form the cold the fire in my heart was not warm enough I watched the devil eat your heart you were working for the pilgrims pulling out staples from the constitution  you think god is sending you messages I asked you if you knew Tim kinbote into the mouth of the shark it was a blue table cloth this looks like reptiles I asked you if you could love a reptile you said yes once a long time ago there was a bug in your hair I keep putting it back in she is looking the other way looking towards the west hoping the sun will set again swimming in the woodpile the spiders know your name they have

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