Friday, January 20, 2012

page 84

longer holds the answers we can see that the scientist are childish buffoons on the little screen we laugh as the genius chases his tail the little school girl says that there is no singular truth Jane is pinching the little school girls nipple as jane is spread across the little school girl’s lap janes guitar is laying on the floor janes vagina is exposed and the little school girl is stroking the little school girl’s labia the little school girl is pulling on jane’s pigtail Dr. Loophole began administering eclectic shock treatments to tonya she had a clear psychotic break she rejected form and incited chaos I went to visit tonya at the hospital and she was in a good mood she read to me some poetry from Henri Michaux she was reading to me a poem about an oriental woman how this woman fell in love with two men and her love for both was tearing her apart she has wealth of forms a multiplicity of forms and it is driving her mad she was taught that a love should be a singular thing but she knows in her heart that love can be more complicated than that tonya knows that the mothers are out there that they are making their moves against her she knows that the mothers have made voodoo dolls of her and they are putting their pins into her she is coming on to bartenders and cabdrivers they are reading little abner tonya knows that the times are changing she is backing into her room she is all about appreciation she says the word over and over appreciation appreciation appreciation it is her mantra for the day she could never get the needle out of her arm she would charge us a lick and a promise just to watch she burns through it like a forest fire appreciation dunking pound cake with her Neolithic fingers she is tracing the ghosts with her fingers it is a dead frontier she is worshipping the old and the dead and the evil she is hiding a vulture under her Stetson she is screaming fuck you at passing cars she can smell it going in wetting her lips and more appreciation the invoking of Dr, Loophole his first thing was to shut down the texas concentration camps he threw that noxious son-of-a-bitch out on his ass he said that there is more than six inches out there tonya hollers amen tripping balls hugo is too fucking high he is laughing uncontrollably they fight you then you win the heartless again his blood feels like it is on fire checking his pulse he is sure that he is going to die here in the jungle thousands of mile from home he sings softly to the hallucinations it is hard to swallow we are watching his face watching him transform he is shape shifting it is time for hugo to see his light the war inside his body things hidden in the deep places of his mind every action has an effect disturbed and humbling appreciation feeling the pain from the other side Mr. Crowley is jealous he wants what hugo has he wants to be a modern man separated from his superstitions he feels like a unicorn took him on a ride to a magical palace in the land of the blueberries and we float away Mr. Crowley asks who is in the house AC tell me who is in the house AC gave his bone to a virgin in the house you take him high and you take him low you take him with the Eskimos tell me who is in the house I’m just trying to tell you about the gospel his tooth is so pretty he is showing it to the world he just wants to run around the parking lot he doesn’t know what to do it is just too weird of an experience he is just in a wonderful land as light as a feather he wants to sing Mr. Crowley thinks he should sing he just wants some soup and

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