Thursday, January 19, 2012

page 79

wants to get off on the red white and blue she is going to do it to make everyone happy throwing a beer in my face jumped the fence taking a swing impersonating a law enforcement officer shut your mouth off she runs and the posse takes off chasing her through the canyon sticking peppers up her ass she is a bad sunburn all over her she is on a hot streak her legs are on fire looking for the bars she has hidden the key I told her that I wasn't feeling it she is about ready to open in twenty minutes she had the water running going for her shower a steam pot she is battering back the pain shooting up her tolerance levels it grips and burn a big fucking muscle she moving in constant consulting the witchdoctor there is no good explanation zelda is waiting for love to come through the door she is waiting for it to work out in the end we all need to have a plan she just needs it more I think she needs the rain we are driving to texas to help bury Mr. Perry his body is waterproof and he has this weird glow I have worked out all of the karmic distortions one handful of brown rice I am falling backwards through time we have started on this strange journey with a dead man in the back seat of the car zelda keeps talking to Mr. Perry like he is still among us I think she might be afraid that he might turn into a zombie or something if she thinks for a moment that he is actually dead zelda is singing me a lullaby she is looking really nice the compass nothing is worth the time star guides a new star channel it is all economical the right shade of pale there as always been a sort of hope zelda is hopeful by nature she is working on her spiritual awakening every time she turns around it is a new fucking tragedy very fragile pieces of shit floating down the river two inches from landing on a hot poker she tries to be optimistic outer space on her razor that is optimistic it is almost like magic when she smiles a magic experience identifying with the lie the feeling that I get why do we relate because it speaks to them somehow some way a resemblance a silly little life with a piece of wood its just beautiful because I know the person who is doing it after awhile I stop seeing it an optimistic kind of thing I like it very simple a piece of the puzzle zelda is singing really bad it is grating on my nerves she is walking in the rain she is getting wet walking to a grocery store to buy some whiskey and cigarettes zelda is not waterproof she is commenting on the obvious she is not aware of the time psychosocial the cracks in the sidewalk reach up and grab her this is a total mess the rain is acid and it is burning her skin the rain is killing us all another day in the jungle of her mixed up mind god bless the crazies let them sleep safe tonight this is a street king contest the winner takes all takes them to hell with the demons and the battle call she is the happiest girl in the world zelda said it was a very successful night  she made $420 it was not like a friday two streets coming at an angle it was great to see her again another saturday night I'm driving around the town looking for a score a transfer of ownership there is a pinhole in the heater core one without sliding doors I drove to the end of the block and turned around and went back I'm good to go the dash lights begin to flicker it is out a total fucking shitbox an accident up the highway the meter went spastic hooped and fried it just needed an inspection why should he not have a ride everything was different going into gear with the wipers everything is backwards I don't

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