Wednesday, January 11, 2012

page 53

the white socks is tattooing his property he buys some wanda from lee and engages in his foot fetish and asks the grave digger he can examine his feet as he touches the grave digger’s feet larry in the white socks purrs like a kitten no one asks you if you are ready they just strap you down and start inserting tubes larry in the white socks is peeling away the human larry in the white socks and hugo are talking about injustice how life is nothing but a wonderful soup the war machine makes soup out of humans hugo says that the only reason why we exist is to feed the war machine the war machine needs bodies it needs consumable materials the mothers love the war machine so they create children to be consumed by the war machine the mothers worship the war machine hugo is not trying to draw praise from the cyber punks he rejects all claims of truth possession those who have the truth are either ignorant or liars this is how hugo judges scary mary because scary mary belives that he has the truth and he beats everyone over the head with his supposed truth hugo considers scary mary to be a barbarian the world is not simply divided between life and death the controlling beliefs embodied in his ideas will only destroy scary mary and his followers their meme is one that will not last it will not stand the evolutionary test the fundamental flaw is that the meme will not be able to reproduce itself and thus will fall away as a non-survivable mutation they lay quiet in the middle of the road waiting for their death turning every word into poison all fools become obsolete in the path of time some belief systems do not adapt to change and do not survive they die out and scary mary’s beliefs will die out they eat the fruit of imperfection and their words are only noise living among the dirty thoughts hugo is revising history to leave out the war machine I don’t know if this is possible it seems like war is what we do we are not human unless we are killing each other hugo lives in a revisionist suburb feeding the children his rocky ideas about how war can be eliminated he is pushing against the smoke and mirrors I tell him that his scars will heal with wine and women but I am unsure if he truly believes me I tell him that bertha is always willing to engage a philosophical mind but he seems unwilling to accept her offer he has given up the world of mundane issues the mundane is what keeps me tethered to this world hugo is here and there he is everywhere he is bringing importance with him he is making the important things stick out pushing it in our faces and asking us when we are going to change all of our words could not hold your bothered concepts as we struggle within your soul fighting for a chance at love we count the stains on hugos fingers when he pulled out the small revolver and pointed it at my head I thought it was over for me but then you shot the guy next to me bathing in my glory no longer living in Memphis getting as flat as possible when morning comes it is a mound of clothes frightened a na├»ve dream with lives coming with me asking a thousand times a little gorilla poking me with a trident cage the animal seventeen shows the gorilla broke out of the cage he is climbing up the side of a building a plan to save the planet can we fulfill hugo’s promise there is nothing to be private about I missed Betty Boop I wish I could remember where I buried her sometimes I think I can hear her calling my name she tells me not to worry that everything will work out that

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