Friday, January 20, 2012

page 88

can the nature of reality will always be in question we will never run out of questions to ask there will always be more and more questions the more we learn the questions our new learning creates knowledge is filtered through human experience language is the filter the words that we use to describe or interpret human action or experience shapes our view and understanding of reality the rules of language impose a structure onto reality past thinking and language divided the world into a simple dichotomy of yes or no do you like this food yes or no do you like me as a person yes or no do you want to have sex with me yes or no thus we divide all of our experiences and actions into one of two camps there is day and night good and evil young and old tall and short ugly and beautiful the trouble is that life does not always fit easily into two categories I realize that this belief stuff can really get in the way between us it can turn into a wall that separates us from each other let us make a vow to not let little things come between us can we make that promise to each other can we agree to be human in all the good ways not in the ways that humans can be bad we both know that humans can be very cruel and mean to each other our history points a bloody finger at all of us a dog with a piece of meat drinking the juice of a cactus walking two miles to the post office my cheeks are a little cold it is a shitty day a crappy day I go to the post office walking against the wind her body is frozen we don’t allow duct tape she is drinking hot tea her insides are nicely trimmed practicing throwing little cylinders all the dishes for her apartment her pockets were bulging she took out a handful of ping pong balls she is doing too much acid she is seeing mermaids the little school doesn’t know what she is reporting doing what is truthful addicted to sunflower seeds she can’t stop eating them unintentionally being a dick not being from new jersey she like nickel back a screening of dogma super loud and obnoxious this kind of thing just happens with them feeling like an asshole we can all read 500 miles stuck in my head driving to the next place it is not a bed beating the pixels we are indestructible backstage before the show I can see the people through the curtain they are standing in line to have me sign their books why do they want my signature I don’t know the snow won’t make us any money writing down the particulars on this thing where is my serial number there are so many things that I have forgotten like the name of my native companion the little school girl is on the video she is wearing a padded bra throwing me a going away party it’s a magic day the little school girl is making me sweet potato fries with a small mountain of artichoke dip I went into the garden and got some rosemary we did jesus Christ superstar I was watching the medicated on their stretchers talking like they knew the disaster a dinosaur in Africa donating to the traffic the mediated trauma I can’t negotiate this curve the egg divides and out crawls tonya she is a baby dinosaur she is playing a flute starts a fire with a shout it is a beautiful chaos the opening hundred pages of the book she was preoccupied with the ending she is winning a copy who is angus waters one notable recollection a countless stream a worst case scenario becoming a pet human making kissy faces to her boyfriend if you hate them all and you step on them will they go away or will they multiply I noticed that it was all little girls

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