Thursday, January 19, 2012

page 78

father son and the holy ghost ring my bell coming to you at five in the morning all those good things like a hangover she is putting tassels on her bomb it's not the poetic bomb I'm pulling off the arms of the barbie dolls like a howling wolf we are worried about superman because we found his costume hanging on the coat rack he is missing like the walrus he had so much purity an evil fuck artist with echo and time delay zelda was the winner she sold the most pussy they were lined up around the block with their cocks in their hands I was going up and down the line selling them steroids and viagra hugo was the first in line he was beaming like a tin solder he wanted to get a whack at zelda underground tunnel systems he thought they were cute his balls tied up in a bow they go from the capital building down to the temple the temple of the blue dog radioactive fallout shelters he is not a man of very few words zelda said the she could shut him up you lose all night long this could be some kind of hidden agenda more propaganda throw at us in big slop buckets it is possibility versus probability you went down to the corner drugstore and bought a whole months supply of likelihood of something happening exploiting the gaps between what is said and what is meant you have been told over and over again that things are not as they appear that there is no social order that hypocrisy reigns that consumerism is not magical we are only becoming better tyrants keeping the resistance under control don't believe me I am only lying to you go back to sleep this was only a dream a silly dream nothing to be worried about breaking the rules doesn't mean following the leader following the dollar sign buying a car is not rebellion learn to rebel against the rebellion this revolution is plastic and only one-sided there is no substance behind the facade the rulers of this world only rule the emptiness and they just make you think that the emptiness is wonderful that you can't live without the emptiness that the emptiness is worldwide that it is spreading you can find it in your supermarket you can find it on television you can find it in the backseat of your car this emptiness follows you everywhere engineering your emptiness we can make it anyway you want you just place your order and give us your credit card number using self-reference to seem too hip to hate associating with fearlessness and irreverence the capacity to see through the deception a spokesman for hollow authority communicating the irony of self a world we now view as constructed the irony of the hipster too cool for school for the public mass too cool for the herd yet the herd is playing the same game deception and the mockery of isolation a blank indifference you obey the command to strike a pose and become just one in a million posers the numb blank bored demeanor can you make it bleed without that gleam in your eye the gleam gives you away it betrays your indifference zelda is dancing with you but she obviously would rather be dancing with someone else glitter sharks and wax crackers all my goodness she is not wearing makeup she doesn't know if she should she says that makeup is a burden on her soul her mother would lock her up in the bathroom and wouldn't let her out unless she had makeup on she doesn't pluck her eyebrows setting up social networking it is a blow job a gallery like a shooting gallery zelda is teaching how to give a blow job she wants to be an american she

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