Thursday, January 26, 2012

page 107

disappeared I have become a semblance ever corrupted preventing me from rising to the surface the great manifest duality the latent distinction modeled internally and spiritually by means of an aggression a subversion against the image against the claim to a singular purpose we have lost the resemblance while retaining the image we have lost our claim for moral existence we fail to make this beast in our image because we only working with a copy and not the true thing itself thus our creations are born corrupted and weak they fall apart under scrutiny if we ask them of their origins they do not know how to answer and origin was never in their minds only the present only the pains and pleasures of the present to ask them about their origins would only destroy them it only reveals the lie that they have grown accustomed to that they depend upon like the farmer depends upon the sun and the rain is this a good bet deciding on your memory chopping off the man’s finger a dead body in my bed on the mattress diving into the elevator did she misbehave the very nature of each experience capturing the feeling there is an invisible meaning that must be revealed learning how to die is our subject matter it is death that we study to learn how to live she loves to eat cheese and she continues to eat cheese putting bait on the hook an idea your focus with more power catching the fish that are important to you I know all about you I saw you coming at me like a dereliction of your duties like a moonbeam escape artist you have a set of keys in your pockets I see you on the phone who you calling baby is there anyone on the other line are you calling the universe did mother nature answer I see you smoking you cigarette a big puff of smoke that crooked look in your eye the saliva in the corner of your mouth is it the drugs baby I see you wearing your yellow dress the one that I like so much more than your double-jointed fingers I know there lies a valley between our homes I see you on the highway coming to me you are in that white convertible driving that white convertible the white convertible runs like a horse a white horse are you my heroine are you my savior can you save anyone can anyone be saved is salvation something of this world or the next is this world worth saving I used to save pop bottles and turn them in for nickels I used to buy a nickel bag of weed I used to seep out the little store across from Lafayette street I see you eating chocolate covered raisins I see you covered in chocolate I am eating you like a raison you taste so good in my mouth taste is a precious thing you are so precious loving the experimentation the process of action and reaction getting something thrilling 3 million miles away a long fucking ways away I am watching out for mechanical shapes it is like you have become raw material for me you are an abandoned wasteland something that others have thrown away something that others have forgotten for me you a treasure a lost treasure that I love that I cherish I want to keep you close to heart at all times I couldn’t imagine life without you I couldn’t imagine and you know I imagine so many things you are my sophisticated child uninhibited my creation I made you from rust and the residue of heartache you are fascinated by the manipulation how I twist and turn breathing in the mask there is perspiration on my brow my forehead is wrinkled and there is a fullness inside of me a great potential for love my friend asked me if I

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