Monday, January 16, 2012

page 66

without ghosts in my life I think the ghost of betty boop will be with me forever even in the next world our souls are connected in this evil that I have created maybe in the next world she returns the favor and I am the one haunting her we look for salvation in love our own personal jesus did I place betty boop on the cross did I hold her down and drive the nails into her hands and feet facial recognition software we need to know that this is truly the antichrist sex clubs for women life imitating art a full week of unadulterated fun the ring slipped off tonya’s finger and fell down the drain she was more than distraught she was Hellen Keller and Joan of Arc burning at the stake she is prejudicial of hugo and his aristocrats they parade around the room with their chests puffed out they were businessmen from Cape Girardeau they high on the confluence of the Ohio and the Mississippi still chasing the phantom of the opera forming relationships as quickly as possible thinking of them as a friend that you fucking hate dear sirs could you please fuck off and die they are pedophile father figures in prison heavy armed pedophiles attacking people in the war never speak again and oxygen thief we want our money back they the purple gorilla to give it back very real and dangerous destroyed by the practice look at the statistics destroyed by the opening doorway a mere man without understanding Chomsky and banjos inventing coca cola his wee wee is fizzy there is trouble in immigration it is nice but not documentation learning to negatively affect the morality of the country it was a tender and professional cavity search attracting attention shooting yogi bear having many jesus auditions tonya is giving me a bath she fumbles with the soap hugo is outside smoking a cigar this is all good clean fun while tonya and I got comfortable hugo was discussing throwing me out of the union that want to kick me out of the religion also right out on the street on my ass with my broken mandolin I can’t keep my light under a bushel the pursuit of happiness saturated with consumerism I was a devoted drug addict committed to my addiction heart and soul floating about the place who are we to judge finding that life contains so little real substance wanting to feel a love for myself and everyone else looking for the value in life burning it down to the basic value it took time for the world to catch up deification not unusual a deep root among us omnipresent anything that sparkles a glint in the eye of the fair maiden wanted for terrible crimes we shared a saucy smile remember not to cross the line when they are pointing their guns at you I am getting my train ticket to go into the city she has wizard of oz socks I’m trying to flip her around dumping all her shit out of her backpack she looks real good in her video and I am packing her special thing I will show her my dorm room the place where my genius comes out one drop at a time I sense a tone of disappointment in your voice when you found out it was me I am your reality and not your fantasy someday I will leave you to your fantasies sitting in your modified chair she is talking about fixing the roof she showed me her cup holder that she traded some jewelry for she was trading with school teachers dealing out the trash speaking of the devil we were throwing away fifi’s box there is this moment on the couch when tonya convinced me that she truly was a woman making me think about genitalia and the

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