Monday, January 16, 2012

page 65

hey listen to me listen to me you stupid fuckers Gie is screaming at the top of his lungs but the crowd below can’t hear him because of the loud humming noise coming out of tonya’s pussy her pussy is a big machine and it is drowning out the shouts of Gie high up on the building’s ledge a van full of engineers pull up and get on their hands and knees and crawl into tonya’s pussy the crowd gets confused and doesn’t know what spectacle to watch some of the crowd watches Gie and some of the crowd watches tonya other shift their attention back and forth between the two still other get frustrated and leave the scene some psychologists from the university show up and they begin to interview the crowd collecting observational data and demographic data they wanted to discover the psychological correlates between those who watched Gie and those who watch tonya their research was published in the journal of experimental psychology when tonya woke up she coughed the engineers out and started coming at the crowd with a new York attitude she tore into the onlookers and cut them up like Swiss cheese when she got tired of the bloodshed she stopped into a bar and jumped up on stage with the band and played a few sets on bass guitar it was a cover band that played stuff from blondie, the pretenders, the clash, and a flock of seagulls particles are escaping from our lives drop cover and roll she is only skin deep I know you have so many questions and there is not enough time nor the energy to answer them all some questions you will have to find the answers on your own it is like you are back in high school cheating on an exam I think we are going to need more tape in order to tie up all of the victims I threw the canister of gas down the steps and lit the match tonya wants me to make it last forever I rub my hand over her stomach and tell her nothing lasts forever baby not even elvis impersonators eventually they get too old to move their walkers fast enough to dodge the oncoming traffic I’m sitting here waiting for the sky to fall I know it will happen someday it was an erotic resolution that I was looking for I had read about it in the papers and thought I might produce one for myself I took out a pen and paper making a list of the items I would need Tonya is fanning off her pussy the engineers must of left some bright lights up in there I asked her if she would like me to go in there and turn off the lights my words were always rich with metaphors and language she said no thank you but she appreciated my making her hairs stand on end I told her that her words always felt like promises she gave me a kiss and told me I could traumatize her some other time she said that she would be a good little victim tomorrow if I didn’t mind I told her that it was no big deal that I could always masturbate to the ghost of betty boop covert tactics it’s a very common way to eliminate someone she attached the metallic bombs to my magnetic sides and waited for the beckon call her sanctions and isolation will not ease the pressure the chances of becoming a whole person are negative once the bomb explodes the acceleration of time and space will be more than I can control the ghost of betty boop talks to me about the inevitable she says that it is inevitable the words trail on behind her like a phantasmal tail inevitable she says as if she trying to convince herself when did I start listening to ghosts how is this possible can I move on move forward to an existence

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